About us

The purpose of the Coastal and Marine Research Group (CMRG) is to facilitate and undertake academic geographical research into the use and management of coastal and marine environments. The CMRG encompasses a range of coastal and marine topics that focus on the environment-development interface, including:

  • Coastal and marine geography
  • International and national management frameworks and policies
  • Legal aspects of coastal and marine management
  • Capacity building, pedagogy, education and training
  • Coastal and marine spatial planning
  • Coastal and marine development
  • The management of shipping, ports and harbours
  • Stakeholder involvement in coastal and marine decision-making
  • Maritime heritage and citizenship
  • Coastal and marine conservation
  • Coastal Processes

The CMRG is an academic network for coastal and marine researchers, practitioners and postgraduates. The establishment of the research group has its roots in the emergence, over the last two decades, of coastal and marine studies as a geographical research area and an academic field. It will facilitate collaborative research, discussion, and the publication of relevant research as books and/or journal special issues on coastal and marine themes.



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