CMRG sponsored sessions at AC2014

Ecosystem based management
CMRG Session September 2014

Workshop Report: Ecosystem based Management: Tools & know-how for management prepared by Dr Wendy Dodds

Convenor(s): Wendy Dodds (Plymouth University), Tim Stojanovic (University of St Andrews), Steve Fletcher (Plymouth University)
Chair: Wendy Dodds ((Plymouth University)

  1. To What Extent has the Ecosystem Approach been implemented in UK Marine Policy? Dr Tavis Potts (Aberdeen University, previously Scottish Association for Marine Science) and Emily Hastings (James Hutton Institute).
  2. Ecosystem based management as a characteristic of marine and coastal planning regimes in Europe: a comparative analysis. Dr Tim Stojanovic (University of St Andrews).
  3. Coastal dunes and shingle: time and space for change? Paul Rooney (Liverpool Hope University).
  4. Promoting effective governance of the Channel ecosystem. Miss Rebecca Shellock, Dr Steve Fletcher, Dr Gillian Glegg & Dr Angela Carter (Plymouth University)