CMRG Sponsored Sessions at AC2016

RGS-IBG Coastal and Marine Research Group sessions took place on Wednesday 31st August 2016, and covered a range of topics: The abstracts for each of these sessions can be found below:


Details of past CMRG events, including contributions to RGS Annual Conferences, can be found here.

ANNUAL RGS-IBG CMRG Postgraduate Research Competition:

Following the success of the inaugural CRMG PGR Presentation Competition, 2016 didn’t disappoint, and we had a number of fantastic presenters entering our PGR competition. The competition aims to encourage PGRs to get involved in the RGS CMRG group, to build their network, but primarily to showcase the excellence research being done within the early career stages of coastal and marine geography. Last year’s winner, Hilary Polis, really set a high standard and we were thrilled to have so many great presentations to judge.  This year’s winner was Vera Kopsel, from the University of Hamburg, Germany, for her presentation on:

The Relevance of Landscape Perception for Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Regions

A short report on Vera’s research is available here: presentation-summary_rgs-london_relevance-of-landscape-perception

Salmon Nets on St Cyrus Beach, Scotland. Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng, Image ID: 769328