Interview with Dr Wendy Dodds


  •   What are your main fields of interest in marine and coastal geography?

Governance – how we as a society choose to live, interact with and use the coastal and marine environment, both today and in the future. This picks up some key research themes including Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Marine Spatial Planning and marine nature conservation.

  • What key research projects are you involved in?

I am currently working on the Valuing Marine Ecosystem Services in the Western Channel Region (VALMER) Project, led by Plymouth University and where I.  VALMER is a European funded project comprising eleven French and English partners in SW England and France. The focus of this research is on the application of marine ecosystem service assessment to help support improved marine and coastal governance.

  • What one question would you like to be asked?  What is the answer to that question?

Do I eat fish? No. I believe that our oceans are in crisis, and whilst as consumers we can purchase what are considered to be sustainably sourced fish, I want to have as little impact on our oceans as I possibly can. Not eating fish is a simple way of helping with that aspiration, so is not using cosmetic products like shower gels that contain mirco beads, fighting to stop balloon releases at public events, not using plastic bags, engaging in policy debates about marine conservation in the UK …