Upcoming Interesting Conferences and Events

There are a number of interesting conferences and events coming up – below you will find links to some of these, including (where possible) links to their calls for content.

*****RGS-IBG Annual conference 2017: Decolonizing geographical knowledges: opening geography out to the world.  *** Our annual conference is not to be missed! Watch this space for our call for sessions and abstract submissions, coming soon! Keep an eye on our Twitter page for more information: Follow @RGSCoastal

BES 2016: Liverpool, December 11-14th December 2016. This hugely interdisciplinary ecological conference brings together experts from across ecology and is a great opportunity for fostering research collaboration.

Coastal Futures 2017: London, January 2017. Annual conference bringing together a range of UK researchers and practitioners on all things marine and coastal.

Coastal Transitions 2017: The coastal zone is rapidly changing, and represents the frontline in climate change adaptation and resilience building. Recognizing that coastal areas, despite only occupying a relatively small percentage of the Earth’s land-surface, provide more than one third of the globe’s value of ecosystem services, and recognizing that coastal areas are increasingly at risk due to changing environmental conditions as well as human development pressures. This conference aims to bring together scholars focused on—or interested in—the dynamics of coastal zones as economic spaces in order to catalyze a discourse on new coastal economies, addressing problems of lock-in and system inertia in the current regime and exploring means to foster radical innovation for sustainable and resilience based coastal development. 

Flood &Coasts 2017 Telford, April 2017. This annual conference brings together researchers working in the interdisciplinary field of flooding, and its impacts on our coastal areas. The session themes for the 2017 conference include: infrastructure and cities, governance, emergency planning and response, coast, partnerships, people and communities, and modelling and forecasting. Something for everyone!

MARE 2017: People and the Sa IX. Amsterdam, 5-6th July 2017. Conference theme: Dealing with Maritime Mobilities.

III CHAM International Conference “Oceans and Shores: Heritage, People and Environments”CALL FOR PAPERS NOW OPEN! Conference planned for Portugal, July 12-15th 2017. The III CHAM International Conference follows the main strategic scientific project of CHAM – Frontiers – also encompassing the global objectives of the UNESCO CHAIR “The Cultural Oceans’ Heritage” held by Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. In this conference a multidisplinary and integrative approach to the main theme “Oceans and shores: Heritage, people and environments” will be encouraged, allowing the presentation of worldwide scientific novelty, the discussion of comparative narratives and the implementation of complementary methodologies, with impacts in distinct fields of science and of the society.