The Coastal and Marine Research Group is now planning for RGSIBG17, and are looking for expressions of interest for themed sessions at the 2017 annual conference.

CMRG would welcome session proposals across marine and coastal geography, including but not limited to:

  • Changes in marine governance, planning and policy in the UK, Europe and around the world (e.g. blue growth, evidence based policy, global-local)
  • Interactions between maritime livelihoods and sectors: fisheries, tourism, energy…
  • Methods for valuing ecosystem services and other forms of valuation
  • Relationships between coastal places, health and wellbeing, arts and culture,
  • Different forms and sources of knowledge for conservation, ecology and biodiversity.
  • Use of concepts of social and ecological resilience
  • Natural hazards and coastal processes: understanding vulnerability and disaster risk reduction

The theme for AC2017 is ‘Decolonizing Geographical Knowledges: Opening Geography out to the World’.

The CMRG are able to sponsor up to a maximum of 12 sessions; each session lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. As well as paper based sessions, we would also welcome expressions of interest for innovative sessions, including: focus groups, speed presentation sessions, discussion sessions (http://www.rgs.org/WhatsOn/ConferencesAndSeminars/Annual+International+Conference/Call+for+sessions+papers+and+posters/Conference+session+formats.htm)

Session proposals should be sent directly to Carole White (carole.white@uea.ac.uk) by January 13th.  Additional themed sessions, and calls for papers, will be announced in early January 2017.